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Grand Piano Dollies with Breaks (set of 3)

  High Quality Grand Piano Dollies for a smooth and easy movement. The special surface of the wheels will protect your floor against scratches. Unlike any other Dollies, our product will lift your grand piano as little as needed, so the pedals and keys will stay in a confortable position. Brakes on each unit will keep the grand piano secure in place at any time.  

The awesome benifits of our grand piano dollies:

The Installation is more than simple and takes you just a few seconds. Once the dollies are in use you will instantly benifit of its greate features.
  • Easy and smooth movement: gives you the freedome to move your grand piano alone and without any effort.
  • A perfect weight distribution: The total weight of your grand piano will be translated onto 12 double-wheels. It helps to relieve your floor and any stage construction.
  • Protects the floor: the special surface of the wheels will save any ground from prerssure point and scratches.
  • Secure in place: 


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